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As the world's largest Global Resettlement Solutions Company, WWICS is built on a legacy of delivering excellence because of the industry knowledge, world-class infrastructure and comprehensive resettlement package consisting of immigration, placement & settlement services.

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WWICS The Largest Immigration & Settelment Company

WWICS is a fusion of integrity and dexterity. Diversity is our cornerstone and our employees reflect our commitment to work across cultures. WWICS team comprises of people from all over the world, including Asia, the Middle-East, North America and Europe.

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WWICS The Doorway to you Dream Country

Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field gives a solid edge making WWICS an unequivocal leader in the Global Resettlement Industry.

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World's Largest Immigration Consultancy

With a number of professionally managed associate companies and divisions, every client receives one-window solution to every concern. WWICS deliver imperative value propositions that exhibit our immaculate understanding of the client�s needs and aspirations to move to greener pastures.

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Welcome to WWICS, Global Law Offices Private Limited

If you are a professional then you can qualify for Permanent Residency

WWICS Group at a Glance

WWICS Global Law Offices Private Limited is the best visa assistance company in India. At that time, the company had only two offices one in Toronto, Canada and the other in Chandigarh, India.

The founder of the company experienced the hardships that a person goes through when he or she wanted to settle abroad. He immigrated to Canada in 1988 and during that time resources were scarce and people do not have the benefit of internet.

From a single office in India, WWICS has grown leaps and bounds in the past two decades and has diversified into various fields such as education, real estate, hospitality & sports and healthcare. In the WWICS group of companies WWICS estate Pt ltd, Forest Hill Golf & Country Club, Continental Group of Institutes, Global Placement Services, Pinnacle Info Edge Pt ltd, Worldwide Education Services (WWES), West End Diagnostic Imaging and WWICS Law Offices.

At present WWICS is a global immigration consultant and it provides assistance in study visa, permanent residency and business visa immigration services to countries like Canada, Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand and European countries.

The immigration arm of WWICS has around 11 offices in India and another 16 associate offices across the world, which makes it a true global immigration consultant.

The real estate arm of the company was started in 2011 and can be said to be the most recent adventure. This arm has successfully completed a residential complex project, famously known as Imperial Heights. Another project was completed by the real estate arm in Bangalore and is famously known by the name Imperial Farms and Orchards.

New Projects Coming Up from WWICS Estates

New projects that will be initiated under this banner include Dream Meadows, Kurali, Punjab and Pinewood Retreats in Daghsai, Himachal Pradesh. All the projects that have been completed and will come up in future satisfy both the heart and mind of people.

The Continental Group of Institutes is another adventure from WWICS group of companies to provide highly specialized education service to people. There are three institutes under these entity namely Continental Institutes of International Studies (CIIS) which imparts various courses in association with various overseas colleges and universities.

The other two institutes include the Continental College of Higher Studies (CCHS) which is affiliated to Punjabi University and Continental Institute of Engineering and Technology (CIET) which is affiliated to Punjab Technical University and is approved by AICTE.

The WWICS group has also diversified into software solutions through its Pinnacle Info Edge Pt ltd and it provides graphic designing, search engine optimization, web designing and different software solution services.

WWICS is a leading name in immigration services and through its dedication it has become the best visa assistance company in the world. It has helped thousands of people to immigrate and settle in their dream country. It has also carved out its own niche in various other fields as well.

US Business Visa for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Investors

Immigration Investor Program was created in 1990 by Congress with the objective to provide fresh stimulus to US economy through capital investment by foreign investors and creation of jobs.

WWICS Global Law Offices Private Limited (WWICS) is focused on assisting investors, business owners and entrepreneurs in attaining their immigration goals. We assist people from across the country who wants to immigrate to United States and make investments, acquire existing businesses and establish new ones in a manner that will enable you to attain applicable business immigration.

Which business immigration visa fulfills your personal and business requirements?

Business of every client is different because of which every case has to be filed in a different way. The choice of most appropriate business immigration program is made after exhaustive consultation and interaction with every client. This choice is based on personal circumstances, the type of industry / business and the long term planning of every client.

Planning out a Business Immigration Strategy

Before you apply for EB-5 visa, you can apply for B1 business visa, which allows you to carry out market research for starting a new business or making an investment. You can meet potential clients, vendors and employees, investigate on how you can set up business and conduct business meetings. B1 is not business immigration to USA, which means you cannot start a business.

You can, however, change the status of B1 visa to EB-5 status in case you plan to remain in the United States after entering the country. The rules and regulations pertaining to business immigration program are quite complex and you need to consult an experienced immigration consultant like WWICS.

WWICS understand the requirement of your business

It is crucial for us to understand the complications and requirements of your business so we can help you out with business immigration to USA in the best possible way. We have an exhaustive experience of more than two decades which enable us to provide you the best guidance.

A solid business plan is critical

Whether you are expanding your business or establishing a new one, a solid business plan is critical to attain the business immigration visa. Visa granting authorities are interesting in knowing whether you are really serious in establishing a business. Investing the money merely for obtain immigration will not convince them.

Requirement of Capital Investment

How much money you need to invest in order to qualify for business immigration visa is an important question. In simple language, capital includes inventory, equipment, case and other tangible property. The value of this capital will be determined on the fair-market price in United States.

Unlawfully acquired assets, whether indirectly or directly, will not be counted in the overall capital shown by you. The minimum amounts of investment required are:

  • � In general, the minimum amount of investment required is $1 million in United States
  • � The qualifying minimum investment either within a rural area or high-unemployment area is $ 500,000 in the United States.
Little Known Facts About 189/190/489 Visa

Australia general skilled migrant visa contains 3 subclasses of visa and picking the right one is based on a number of factors including whether the nominated occupation is on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) or Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

There are some common requirements to apply for each of the three visas and there are some that are specific to each one of them. Let us take a look at them one by one:

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

The skilled independent visa provides Australia permanent residency to skilled workers who are not nominated by a state or territory government or sponsored by a family member or employer. The nominated occupation of the aspirant must be on the SOL.

This visa is based on Australia point system and the applicant has to generate points based on age, educational qualification and work experience. Applicant also gets points on clearing English language test, 20 for superior English and 10 for proficient English.

This visa allows you and your family to reside anywhere in Australia and stay for an indefinite period. After immigration to Australia you can work or study just like a local person and can also enroll in the health scheme of Australia.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

The skilled nominated visa provides Australian immigration based on point system for those who want to live and work for a period of two years. An additional 5 points are given to the applicant for nomination by a territory or state government.

Along with the basic criteria you need to fulfill the following requirements to apply for this visa:

  • � The occupation should feature in the demand list of the state / territory
  • � Have nomination from territory or state government
  • � Be committed to reside for 2 years in the nominated territory or state

To increase your chance of being nominated by a state or territory you can take part in research to show that you have good knowledge of living and working conditions present there. Once nominated, an invitation letter will be automatically sent to you by DIBP to apply for the visa.

Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 489)

This Australian general skilled migrant visa lays emphasis on skilled workers to live in a designated or regional area of the country. The applicant needs to have sponsorship from a close relative or be nominated by a territory or state government.

This Australian immigration visa is granted for a period of 4 years but you can apply for permanent residency after 2 years. To become eligible for permanent residency you need to:

  • - Live in the designated area for a period of two years if you are sponsored by a relative or in a regional metropolitan area in case you are nominated by a territory or state government
  • - Worked for at least one year in a full time job or two or more part-time job

The above mentioned detail is not all inclusive and the rules keep changing from time to time, contact WWICS and learn how you can become eligible according to the Australia point system. We at WWICS can also guide you in completing and submitting your visa application.

Permanent Residency for Canada made Easy For You by WWICS

Canada has always followed an open door policy for immigrants. The government of Canada and other authorities has always believed that immigrants have contributed immensely to the economy of the country and they will continue to do so.

When we take a look at the history, this perception of Canadian government has been right ever since. It is for this reason permanent residency Canada has been the sought after and thousands of people apply for it every year.

All the conditions are favorable for applying for permanent residency Canada; except for the rules for approval for Canada green card is not as easy as one may think of.

You will have to fulfill all the requirements in order to get approved for permanent residency Canada. In case you do not fulfill any of the requirements than you will not be granted green card to Canada, regardless of how welcoming their immigration policies are.

The best way out to increase your chances for approval for permanent residency Canada, you need to take the expert assistance from global resettlement service provider WWICS. Green card to Canada will bring ultimate happiness to your family.

A better standard of living, a better environment to work and study comes to you when you immigrate with permanent residency Canada. It is a life changing experience for you and for your family. However, to make this big change in your life you have to prepare lot of documents and submit a completed application form.

The process of collecting documents for permanent residency Canada is quite difficult and filling up the form has the same story. Your task for applying for Canada visa can be eased through expert assistance from WWICS.

The government of Canada has always been optimistic about the contribution that is made by immigrants who come and settle in this country. They, however, follow strict rules so that only genuine people come to their country and only through legal means.

The caps on various categories for applying for Canada visa keeps changing and same is the case with various professional categories that are in demand. Since the year 2001, nearly 200,000 people have successfully got Canada permanent residency every year. In the year 2015, a total of 250,000 people were accepted for migration to Canada.

The government of Canada framed its policies to bring in immigrants; a lot of changes have taken place. The process has been more streamlined and quite easy for people who are applying for migration to Canada.

Many people choose to apply for Canada study visa, and once their education is complete, they become eligible to apply for Canada permanent residency. The reason why so many people want to immigrate to Canada is because of the wonderful lifestyle that is available there.

There is abundance of opportunities to work. The local workforce of Canada is aging and the birth rate is stagnant there. In order to keep up with its present economic growth, the Canada government is looking for more workforces and this can only be fulfilled by expediting the immigration process.

WWICS Latest Updates / News

WWICS has opened vistas for USA, the country of countless dreams and opportunities. USA has always been an immigration destination that beckons students and professionals alike in search for that big break.

Services Provided By WWICS

As the world's largest Global Resettlement Solutions Company, WWICS is built on a legacy of delivering excellence because of the industry knowledge, world-class infrastructure and comprehensive resettlement package consisting of immigration, placement & settlement services.

Post Landing Service by WWICS

As the world's largest Global Resettlement Solutions Company, WWICS is built on a legacy of delivering excellence because of the industry knowledge, world-class infrastructure and comprehensive resettlement package consisting of immigration, placement & settlement services.

Canadian Study Visa

Educational excellence, high rate of employment and hefty income potential with exquisite work environment attract students from across the globe. But choosing and pursuing the right career has become extremely difficult in the changing times.